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FreeBSD Documentation Project


Getting to grips with a new and complex operating system is always a difficult task, no matter how pretty the GUI is. FreeBSD is no different in this respect.

While there are a vast number of BSD Unix (and general UNIX®) books available, FreeBSD has its own unique features, procedures and quirks.

In addition, FreeBSD will be the first exposure to a Unix-like operating system for many of its users, so the availability of high quality, accurate documentation is paramount.

The FreeBSD Documentation Project exists to help fill this gap. There are two ways in which this is undertaken:

  1. Members of the Documentation Project write documentation and submit it for inclusion in the FreeBSD Documentation Set.

  2. Members of the Documentation Project discuss and arrange the formatting and organization of the FreeBSD Documentation Set.

Current projects

There are a number of projects currently in progress as part of the documentation effort. Please take the time to look over this list and see if there is anything you can help with.

Who we are, how to join

This page explains who makes up the Documentation Project, and how you can join.

The FreeBSD Documentation Set

This page outlines the components of the FreeBSD Documentation Set, and the sort of work that the Documentation Project does with them.

SGML and the Documentation Project

The project uses SGML for the documentation. This page outlines how this is accomplished, and directs the interested reader to further SGML resources.

Submitting Documentation

Submitting documentation is the best way to become a part of the project, and help make FreeBSD easier to use. This page explains the best way to submit documentation so that it gets looked at as soon as possible.


Translations of the FreeBSD documentation, Web pages, Handbook, Manual pages and FAQ.