Chapter 8 Multimedia

Table of Contents
8.1 Synopsis
8.2 Setting Up the Sound Card
8.3 MP3 Audio
8.4 Video Playback
8.5 Setting Up TV Cards
8.6 MythTV
8.7 Image Scanners
Edited by Ross Lippert.

8.1 Synopsis

FreeBSD supports a wide variety of sound cards, allowing you to enjoy high fidelity output from your computer. This includes the ability to record and playback audio in the MPEG Audio Layer 3 (MP3), WAV, and Ogg Vorbis formats as well as many other formats. The FreeBSD Ports Collection also contains applications allowing you to edit your recorded audio, add sound effects, and control attached MIDI devices.

With some experimentation, FreeBSD can support playback of video files and DVDs. The number of applications to encode, convert, and playback various video media is more limited than the number of sound applications. For example as of this writing, there are no good re-encoding applications in the FreeBSD Ports Collection that could be used to convert between formats, as there is with audio/sox. However, the software landscape in this area is changing rapidly.

This chapter will describe the necessary steps to configure your sound card. The configuration and installation of X11 (Chapter 6) has already taken care of the hardware issues for your video card, though there may be some tweaks to apply for better playback.

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Warning: Trying to mount audio CDs with the mount(8) command will result in an error, at least, and a kernel panic, at worst. These media have specialized encodings which differ from the usual ISO-filesystem.