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	   SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS                                                        iiii                                    
	 SS:::::::::::::::S                                                      i::::i                         
	S:::::SSSSSS::::::S   The #GameAudioGDC Bundle Part 6                     iiii                                      
	S:::::S     SSSSSSS                                                                                               
	S:::::S               ooooooooooo   nnnn  nnnnnnnn    nnnn  nnnnnnnn    iiiiiii     ssssssssss       ssssssssss   
	S:::::S             oo:::::::::::oo n:::nn::::::::nn  n:::nn::::::::nn  i:::::i   ss::::::::::s    ss::::::::::s  
	 S::::SSSS         o:::::::::::::::on::::::::::::::nn n::::::::::::::nn  i::::i ss:::::::::::::s ss:::::::::::::s 
	  SS::::::SSSSS    o:::::ooooo:::::onn:::::::::::::::nnn:::::::::::::::n i::::i s::::::ssss:::::ss::::::ssss:::::s
	    SSS::::::::SS  o::::o     o::::o  n:::::nnnn:::::n  n:::::nnnn:::::n i::::i  s:::::s  ssssss  s:::::s  ssssss 
	       SSSSSS::::S o::::o     o::::o  n::::n    n::::n  n::::n    n::::n i::::i    s::::::s         s::::::s      
	            S:::::So::::o     o::::o  n::::n    n::::n  n::::n    n::::n i::::i       s::::::s         s::::::s   
	            S:::::So::::o     o::::o  n::::n    n::::n  n::::n    n::::n i::::i ssssss   s:::::s ssssss   s:::::s 
	SSSSSSS     S:::::So:::::ooooo:::::o  n::::n    n::::n  n::::n    n::::ni::::::is:::::ssss::::::ss:::::ssss::::::s
	S::::::SSSSSS:::::So:::::::::::::::o  n::::n    n::::n  n::::n    n::::ni::::::is::::::::::::::s s::::::::::::::s 
	S:::::::::::::::SS  oo:::::::::::oo   n::::n    n::::n  n::::n    n::::ni::::::i s:::::::::::ss   s:::::::::::ss  
	 SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS      ooooooooooo     nnnnnn    nnnnnn  nnnnnn    nnnnnniiiiiiii  sssssssssss      sssssssssss    

	(1465 WAV files) 55GB+ of high-quality sound effects from many of the best sound recordists and designers in the 
	World. Use them personally or commercially without attribution. Everything that we send out is just a small sample
        of our suppliers complete libraries. If you would like more options and design choices to work with, please
        consider purchasing their corresponding collection (you can find more infomation in the tracklist).
	LICENSE: ROYALTY-FREE  | (PLEASE SEED + SHARE)    	              contact: | @sonnissdotcom

	344 Audio, Alex Lane, Ambisound, Apple Hill Studios, Articulated Sounds, Async Audio, Audio Summoners, Audiomeals, 
	aXLsound, Badlands Sound, Bart Kamski, Blond Panda, Bluezone, Bombay Sonic, Cali Crazed Beats, CB Sounddesign, 
	Coll Anderson, Conor Bradley, David Dumais Audio, DsoundE, Effectsworks, Eiravaein Works, FLYSOUND, Fox Audio Post, 
	Glitchedtones, Hear and Now Sound, HERZ, InspectorJ, Ivo Vicic, Joshua Reinhardt, justsoundeffects, L.A. Sounds, 
	Leslie Reid, Matias Vidal Saavedra, MatiasMacSD, Matt Script, Nikko Barrera, Olivier Girardot, On The Fly Audio, 
	Pachamedias, Phase 4 Libraries, PMSFX, Pole Position, Pursuit Sound, Red Libraries, Rock The Speakerbox, Rzpost, 
	Scoba Sounds, SculpTunes, Shapeforms, SmartSoundFX, Sonic Bat, Sonik Sound Library, Sound Ex Machina, Sound of Essen, 
	Sound Sower, Sound Spark LLC, Sound Villain, SoundBits, SoundFxwizard, Soundholder, Soundopolis, Sounds Great, Soundtuts, 
	Spectravelers, SpillAudio, Stefano Cremona, Submerged Tapes, Sun, Super Thump, Systematic, Tatak Audio, The Chris Alan, 
	The Mooseman, The Sound Pack Tree, TheWorkRoom, Thibault Ruslet, Transverse Audio, Trent Williams, Tyrann0s, Ugurcan Orcun, 
	Wav Junction Sound Effects, Yakumokobe.


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