IBM Magstar 3590 Drive Code Files

The drive microcode for the IBM Magstar 3590 is now on this site. Older released levels will be kept on the site, but this page points to the most current released levels.
There are three levels of code for the different drive configurations. Note that code levels with the D0IC, D0ID, and D0IE prefix are now obsolete.

The current code levels are:
Drive Type Cardpack Type Current Code Level Link to view fixlist Link to get code
3590B SCSI Original base cardpack D0IA_593 View D0IA_593 fixlist Get D0IA_593 code
3590B Ultra SCSI Ultra cardpack D0IB_943 View D0IB_943 fixlist Get D0IB_943 code
3590B Ultra SCSI
3590E Ultra SCSI
3590E Fibre
3590H Ultra SCSI
3590H Fibre
Common cardpack D0IF_2FB View D0IF_2FB fixlist Get D0IF_2FB code

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