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FreeBSD Logo

Usage Guideline

FreeBSD is a registered trademark of The FreeBSD Foundation. The FreeBSD logo and The Power to Serve are trademarks of The FreeBSD Foundation.

All images listed under the heading "Resource" are available for use under license from The FreeBSD Foundation.

For more information on how to obtain permission to use the logo, please refer to the FreeBSD Logo Usage Guidelines at The FreeBSD Foundation.


Standard Logo (fullcolor)

Standard Logo (fullcolor for dark background)

Standard Logo (black and white)

Vector formats

Format: Adobe(r) Illustrator(r), SVG


NOTE: "freeBSD" text in these images were created based on draft version of logo contest. Correct version of this text should be rendered by one black color, not two colors and first "f" character should be spelled capitalized as "F".

CD/DVD package



Here are sample wallpapers.