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Hard copy versions of many Informix manuals can be purchased through the IBM Publications Center. To order a manual, note the 10-digit publication number following the manual title (for example, G251-9999-00), and enter it on the order entry page of the IBM Publications Center.

Alphabetical listing of titles (2006 and earlier)
Connectivity/Client Products
DataBlade Modules and DataBlade Developers Kit
Database Servers

PDF files require Adobe® Reader®


Office Connect 1.0
  • Informix Office Connect User's Guide, Version 1.0

  • This guide describes how to populate Excel worksheets with data from Informix databases. The manual also describes how to use special features of Informix Office Connect to handle time series data and how to use the Informix Office Connect Model API in your own programs.
  • Read Me First Informix Office Connect, Version 1.0

  • Read this short document before you install your Informix product. It contains important information that might not appear in your documentation set.