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The mailing lists (as well as many others) have also been archived by MarkMail.

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General Archives

Advocacy FreeBSD Evangelism
Announce Important events / milestones
Chat Random topics (sometimes) related to FreeBSD
Jobs FreeBSD related job announcements and resumes
Newbies New FreeBSD users activities and discussion
Questions General questions
Security Notifications Announcements regarding FreeBSD security issues (including, e.g., CERT notices)
User-Groups A forum for FreeBSD user groups

System Use and Administration

Bugs Reports and discussion of bugs
Cluster Discussions related to using FreeBSD in clustered environments
Hardware Discussions concerning hardware as it relates to FreeBSD
ISP Discussions for ISPs using FreeBSD
Performance Discussions of the performance of FreeBSD under high load or extreme conditions
Security FreeBSD computer security issues (DES, Kerberos, etc.)
Stable Discussion of the FreeBSD-stable branch of the development tree


ACPI ACPI and power management development
Afs Porting and using AFS (the Andrew File System) from CMU/Transarc
Alpha Porting FreeBSD to the DEC Alpha
AMD64 Porting FreeBSD to the AMD64
Apache Discussion about Apache related ports
Arch Architecture and design discussions
ARM Porting FreeBSD to the StrongArm
ATM Using ATM networking with FreeBSD
Audit Source code audit project
Binup Design and development of the binary update system
Bluetooth Discussion about FreeBSD support for Bluetooth
Chromium FreeBSD-specific Chromium issues
Bugbusters Coordination of the Problem Report handling effort
Commit (all) All Changes made to all FreeBSD source trees
Commit (doc) Changes made to the FreeBSD documents source tree
Commit (ports) Changes made to the FreeBSD ports source tree
Commit (projects) Changes made to the FreeBSD projects source tree
Commit (src) Changes made to the FreeBSD main source tree
Config Development of FreeBSD installation and configuration tools
Current Use of FreeBSD-current sources
CVSweb Technical discussions about use, development and maintenance of FreeBSD-CVSweb
Database Discussing database use and development under FreeBSD
Doc Discussions concerning documentation
Drivers Writing device drivers for FreeBSD
Embedded Discussions about using FreeBSD in embedded systems
Emulation Emulating other systems on FreeBSD
Firewire Design and implementation of a Firewire (aka IEEE 1394 aka iLink) subsystem for FreeBSD
Fs Discussions concerning FreeBSD filesystems
GEOM GEOM-specific discussions and implementations
Gnome Discussions concerning the FreeBSD GNOME project
Hackers General technical discussions
I18n FreeBSD Internationalization
i386 i386-specific issues for FreeBSD
ia32 FreeBSD on the IA32 platform
ia64 Porting FreeBSD to Intel's upcoming IA64 systems
ipfw Technical discussion concerning the redesign of the IP firewall code
ISDN Development of ISDN support for FreeBSD
Java® JDK porting and application development
libh The second generation installation and package system
MIPS Porting FreeBSD to MIPS
Multimedia Discussions about FreeBSD as a multimedia platform
Mobile Using FreeBSD in a mobile environment
Mozilla Porting mozilla to FreeBSD
Net Networking discussion and TCP/IP source code
New Bus Technical discussions on Bus Architecture
Office Office applications on FreeBSD
OpenOffice Discussions concerning the FreeBSD OpenOffice and StarOffice ports
Perl Maintenance of a number of perl-related ports
PF Discussion and questions about the packet filter firewall system
Platforms Cross-platform FreeBSD issues (non-Intel FreeBSD ports)
Policy FreeBSD core team policy decisions
Ports Bugs Bug reports concerning FreeBSD's ports collection
Ports Discussions concerning FreeBSD's ports collection
PPC Porting FreeBSD to the PowerPC
Python FreeBSD-specific Python issues
QA Discussion of quality assurance issues
rc Discussion related to /etc/rc.d design and implementation
Realtime Development of realtime extensions to FreeBSD
SCSI Discussions about FreeBSD's SCSI support
Small Using FreeBSD in embedded applications
SMP FreeBSD on multi-processor platforms
SPARC64 Porting FreeBSD to the SPARC64
Standards FreeBSD Conformance to the C99 and the POSIX® standards
Threads Discussion about threading models in FreeBSD, including KSE and others
Tilera Porting FreeBSD to the Tilera family of CPUs
Tokenring Support Token Ring in FreeBSD
Toolchain Maintenance of FreeBSD's integrated toolchain
USB Discussion about FreeBSD support for USB
VuXML Discussion on VuXML infrastructure
X11 Maintenance and support of X11 on FreeBSD
XFCE XFCE for FreeBSD — porting and maintaining

Limited lists

Hubs People running mirror sites (infrastructural support)
Install Installation system development
Wireless 802.11 stack, tools, device driver development
WWW Web site maintainers