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FreeBSD/MIPS Project

Project Goal

The FreeBSD/MIPS Project is responsible for the maintenance and development of FreeBSD on platforms using MIPS processors. The port currently runs multi-user on a number of platforms and a wide variety of 32-bit and 64-bit MISP ISA processors.

Supported MIPS Platforms

FreeBSD supports a broad range of MIPS-based devices, including MIPS Malta, Ubiquiti Networks Router-Station and Router-Station Pro, Cavium Octeon, NetLogicMicro/RMI XLS and XLR (XLP in progress), as well as emulated MIPS environments such as gxemul. On supporting hardware platforms, FreeBSD supports both multi-core and hardware multi-threading features. In many cases, additional accelerator functions, such as cryptographic and network offload engines, are also supported.

How to Contribute

If you have code that you are interested in committing, you can send it for review to the freebsd-mips mailing list.

Resources and Links