6.11 Using KDE

6.11.1 Variable Definitions (KDE 3.x Only)

Table 6-13. Variables for Ports That Use KDE 3.x

USE_KDELIBS_VER The port uses KDE libraries. It specifies the major version of KDE to use and implies USE_QT_VER of the appropriate version. The only possible value is 3.
USE_KDEBASE_VER The port uses KDE base. It specifies the major version of KDE to use and implies USE_QT_VER of the appropriate version. The only possible value is 3.

6.11.2 KDE 4 Variable Definitions

If your application depends on KDE 4.x, set USE_KDE4 to the list of required components. _build and _run suffixes can be used to force components dependency type (e.g., baseapps_run). If no suffix is set, a default dependency type will be used. If you want to force both types, add the component twice with both suffixes (e.g., automoc4_build automoc4_run). The most commonly used components are listed below (up-to-date components are documented at the top of /usr/ports/Mk/bsd.kde4.mk):

Table 6-14. Available KDE 4 Components

Name Description
kdehier Hierarchy of common KDE directories
kdelibs KDE Developer Platform
kdeprefix If set, port will be installed into ${KDE4_PREFIX} instead of ${LOCALBASE}
sharedmime MIME types database for KDE ports
automoc4 Automatic moc for Qt 4 packages
akonadi Storage server for KDE-Pim
soprano Qt 4 RDF framework
strigi Desktop search daemon
libkcddb KDE CDDB library
libkcompactdisc KDE library for interfacing with audio CDs
libkdeedu Libraries used by educational applications
libkdcraw KDE LibRaw library
libkexiv2 KDE Exiv2 library
libkipi KDE Image Plugin Interface
libkonq Konqueror core library
libksane KDE SANE ("Scanner Access Now Easy") library
pimlibs KDE-Pim libraries
kate Text editor framework
marble Virtual globe
okular Universal document viewer
korundum KDE Ruby bindings
perlkde KDE Perl bindings
pykde4 KDE Python bindings
pykdeuic4 PyKDE user interface compiler
smokekde KDE SMOKE libraries

KDE 4.x ports are installed into KDE4_PREFIX, which is /usr/local/kde4 currently, to avoid conflicts with KDE 3.x ports. This is achieved by specifying the kdeprefix component, which overrides the default PREFIX. The ports however respect any PREFIX set via MAKEFLAGS environment variable and/or make arguments.

Example 6-5. USE_KDE4 Example

This is a simple example for a KDE 4 port. USE_CMAKE instructs the port to utilize CMake — configuration tool widely spread among KDE 4 projects. USE_KDE4 brings dependency on KDE libraries and makes port using automoc4 at build stage. Required KDE components and other dependencies can be determined through configure log. USE_KDE4 does not imply USE_QT4. If a port requires some Qt 4 components, they should be specified in USE_QT4.

USE_KDE4=	kdelibs kdeprefix automoc4
USE_QT4=	moc_build qmake_build rcc_build uic_build
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