A.7 Subversion Sites

All mirrors carry all repositories.

The master FreeBSD Subversion server, svn.FreeBSD.org, is publicly accessible, read-only. That may change in the future, so users are encouraged to use one of the official mirrors. To view the FreeBSD Subversion repositories through a browser, use http://svnweb.FreeBSD.org/.

Note: The FreeBSD svn mirror network is still in its early days, and will likely change. Do not count on this list of mirrors being static. In particular, the SSL certificates of the servers will likely change at some point.

Name Protocols Location SSL fingerprint
svn0.us-west.FreeBSD.org svn, http, https USA, California SHA1 79:35:8F:CA:6D:34:D9:30:44:D1:00:AF:33:4D:E6:11:44:4D:15:EC
svn0.us-east.FreeBSD.org svn, http, https USA, New Jersey SHA1 06:D1:23:DE:5E:7A:F7:2B:7A:7E:74:95:5F:54:8D:5C:B0:D6:2E:8F