3.9 Committing to the Installation

The installation can now proceed if desired. This is also the last chance for aborting the installation to prevent changes to the hard drive.

                       User Confirmation Requested
 Last Chance! Are you SURE you want to continue the installation?

 If you're running this on a disk with data you wish to save then WE

 We can take no responsibility for lost disk contents!

                             [ Yes ]    No

Select [ Yes ] and press Enter to proceed.

The installation time will vary according to the distribution chosen, installation media, and the speed of the computer. There will be a series of messages displayed indicating the status.

The installation is complete when the following message is displayed:


Congratulations! You now have FreeBSD installed on your system.

We will now move on to the final configuration questions.
For any option you do not wish to configure, simply select No.

If you wish to re-enter this utility after the system is up, you may
do so by typing: /usr/sbin/sysinstall.

                                 [ OK ]

                      [  Press enter or space  ]

Press Enter to proceed with post-installation configurations.

Selecting [ No ] and pressing Enter will abort the installation so no changes will be made to your system. The following message will appear:

Installation complete with some errors.  You may wish to scroll
through the debugging messages on VTY1 with the scroll-lock feature.
You can also choose "No" at the next prompt and go back into the
installation menus to retry whichever operations have failed.

                                 [ OK ]

This message is generated because nothing was installed. Pressing Enter will return to the Main Installation Menu to exit the installation.